Hettory has been playing the guitar for 30 years, he graduated from La Escuela Libre de Musica, with additional studies done at La SCAM and advanced harmony with Tony Bravo.
His musical influences span from Bach in classical music to Joe Pass and Jimmy Page in Jazz and Rock along with the great guitar masters Jennifer Batten, Vinnie More and Al Dimeola just to name a few.
Hettory has written many songs, mainly instrumental, but he has also written some with lyrics.
On television he has appeared in many programs such as ECO on Televisa, Estrellas de los noventas, los Mejores Músicos and some others on TV Azteca. 
He has been showcased in El Teatro de la Nación, Teatro Hidalgo, Teatro María Teresa Montoya, Sala Nezahualcoyotl, Museo Papalote and Teatro de la Ciudad in Mexico City. 
His musical experiences have given him the opportunity to travel throughout Mexico, and work in different venues, such as Hard Rock Café in Puerto Vallarta, Hotel Cristal in Ixtapa, Hotel Camino Real and Artistos in the state capital.
He launched his first CD “Hettory” in 1985, “Hettory Band” in 1996, “Instru-Mental” came out in 1997 and “La Guitarra” in 2001. In “La Guitarra” he uses only his guitar to make all the different instrumental sounds that are heard in every one of the tracks on the album.
About 10 years settled in the United States where, in addition to language study at The American Village, made numerous musical performances, which allowed him to mingle with great musicians as Stanley Jordan and Jeff Berlin among others.
He is considered by many critics and musicians alike as one of the best guitarists on the border especially in the movement of “Fusion Jazz.”
He has participated in numerous clinics and musical shows, highlighting the NAMM show in the USA and the expos: Sound Check in Mexico city.
On a personal level, beginning in 1999 he started studying Buddhist meditation in the Kadampa tradition, which has helped him grow internally and has been the inspiration for many musical tracks such as: Kelsang Gyatso, Compassion, Meditation, Ganden Tap, Bodhisawa, and Las Tres Joyas among others.
In 2005 he produced the CD “Portrait,” an artistic and musical project created jointly with his brother Otto.
In 2007 he released the CD “Free Tibet” with his band Hettory Trio (Poncho Castro and Julio Mena) 
In 2008 he wrote and produced the CD “Meditation” based on concepts about Buddhist meditation. In this work he played with two new instruments: the Stick Guitar and the Box Guitar.
Today is devoted entirely to the realm of the Stick which is an instrument invented in 1969 by Emmett Chapman, which was adapted later by Hettory adding two bass strings, calling this model “Guitar Stick 12” (SG-12).
With the SG-12 recorded the first productions appearing in the market for that instrument: Meditation and SG-12
In 2010 his music involved in the project Synesthesia, along with Lorena Mata (plastic artist), Otto (image artist) and Elizabeth Hulverson (poet), presenting the show at the Faculty of Architecture of the UNAM and the Café de la Selva.
In 2011 participated in the production “Stick Night Live” a DVD recorded live concert that took place in Los Angeles, California, USA. in which alternate with 8 of the best Stick players in the world.
Composes, produces and performs music for the ATL project (water) where again join his talent to shape the project images created by Otto and Lorena Mata’s poem.
In 2012 he wrote and produced two new cd, “Compasión” (Compassion) and “Manzanas sonrientes - Stick IV” (Smiling apples- Stick IV) 
In early 2014 he released their second acoustic production "Ahí." (There) playing a YAMAHA AC-3R guitar and Chapman stick (Grand stick y Sg-12).
His new production, also in 2014, called "Collage" is a combination of sounds: acoustic, electric, and digital instruments. So as a mixture of rhythms ranging from classical music to progressive rock. All music was written by Hettory and his brother Otto.
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Stick and Guitar player
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